Club Moto-Neige Pingouins (791-13)


How to be part of the interactive trail map:

Are you interested in snowmobiling clients?

You are not on the interactive trail map or the iMotoneige application, but you would like to be there?

Register with your regional tourism association, or contact FCMQ Customer Service for the contact details of the person responsible for points of service at the tourism association concerned. Your business will then be displayed on the interactive trail map and on the iMotoneige* application.

Click here to see the types of eligible businesses by viewing the service legend on the interactive map.

*Some conditions apply.


Where can you buy a snowmobile trail permit?

All trail permit categories are sold online by the FCMQ for snowmobile clubs.

Promotional video (french only)
Purchase your trail permit online

For more details, click here.

Please note that trail wardens may also sell trail permits in the course of a trail-side verification. However, the snowmobiler will have to pay $800 and could also be eligible for a fine due to having previously ridden on trails without possessing a valid trail permit.


Are you 16 years old and want to drive a snowmobile?

Operators 16 and 17 years old must have a certificate of competency demonstrating that they have the skills to operate a snowmobile in addition to holding a driver’s licence.

Visit the Conduipro website or contact them at 1 877 766-3443.

For more details, click here.


More FCMQ FAQ here.